How is Greenery Day 2019 Celebrated in Japan?

One of the major holidays celebrated in Japan which has an important message behind its celebrations is Greenery Day in Japan. It is celebrated on 4th May every year. It will be celebrated on Saturday, 4th May 2019.

It was earlier celebrated as Emperor Showa’s birthday on April 29 during the Showa dynasty. The date was later changed to 4th May following the accession of Emperor Akihito, and since then t was celebrated as Greenery Day.

When is Golden Week Celebrated in Japan

As the name suggests, the holiday is observed so that the people of Japan to be thankful for nature and take steps to preserve it. It is celebrated to acknowledge Emperor’s Showa’s love for plants and nature. This holiday marks the last day of the Golden week of Japan, which starts from April 29th, which is Showa Day, and ends on May 4th, which is celebrated as Greenery Day.

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