Trump Tries To Rake Support By Using Racial Division


In an attempt to strengthen his anti-immigration policy which he made and to gain the support of the white electorate ahead of the mid-term polls. Trump, a Republican, seems to make this his major agenda for the upcoming elections.

On Thursday, Trump rallied with discussing in length about the slow-moving caravans of the Central American migrants who have been moving towards the north since a few days, terming it as a “dangerous invasion”. He also suggested that any act of violence by the migrants won’t be tolerated, and those throwing stones at the gates could be shot by the troops that have been stationed there.

Trump is using the last straw and every possible tactic to stoke the cultural fears and fears about racial impurity among the masses. Speaking at the rally, he promised that if people did not want “America to be overrun by masses of illegal aliens and giant caravans”, they should vote for the Republicans.


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