How is Constitutional Memorial Day 2019 Celebrated in Japan

A day to commemorate when Japan got its Constitution, the Constitution Memorial Day Japan is celebrated in Japan every year on May 3rd every year. The Constitutional day 2019 will be celebrated on Friday, 3rd May. It is a public holiday and most of the schools and offices remain closed.

The Constitutional Day was celebrated in Japan after its Constitution came into effect from May 3, 1948. This was after World War 2 was concluded and Japan was suffering from its after-effects.

How is Golden Week Japan Celebrated?

This holiday falls in what is known as the “Golden Week” in Japan, which is a week-long holiday period in Japan. It starts from April 29, which is celebrated as Showa Day. And it is concluded on 4th May, by celebrating the Greenery Day.

This day is of significance to the people of Japan since it is a reminder to them about sovereignty and democracy of Japan. They cherish the democratic ideals and the fundamental rights which have been bestowed upon them by the Constitution.

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