How is Vernal Equinox Day Celebrated in Japan?

With the oncoming of spring, Japan celebrates Vernal Equinox Day, usually on March 20 or 21st. It marks the beginning of spring season in Japan that occurs at the time of Northward Equinox in Japan. Generally, it occurs on 20th or 21st March in the Northern Hemisphere and during September in the Southern Hemisphere.

Since it is relatively very cold in Japan during winters, it is a relief for people to celebrate the holiday and welcome the spring season. This holiday was officially declared as a public holiday during 1948 during the post-war period, as the two holidays of Vernal and Autumnal spring began to be celebrated in Shinto. As post-war reform measures, it was declared as a non-religious holiday in the Japanese Constitution.

This holiday is intended to celebrate the beauty of nature and living things all around. People of Japan still hold to their traditional values and visit the graves of their departed family members and organizing family reunions.

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