How is National Foundation Day Celebrated in Japan?

We have been sharing about the important public holidays in Japan. So today we shall talk about How is National Foundation Day Celebrated in Japan? The National Foundation Day will be celebrated on 11th February in 2019. This holiday has a deep mythological connect as it celebrates the ascent of the First Emperor of Japan, Emperor Jimmu at Kashihara gū on 11 February 660 BC.

The National Foundation day is celebrated to commemorate the foundation of the nation of Japan an also to remember the rich heritage of the Japanese emperors. This day coincides with the New Year according to the Chinese calendar. According to the historical records, it is believed that the first emperor of Japan, Emperor Jinnu, ascended the throne on this day.

In the modern times, the celebrations of the National Day have been reduced. The Prime Minister unfurls the national flag of Japan followed by giving a speech. This day is meant to reflect on the Japanese nationalism and imbibe a sense of nationalism and patriotism among the people of Japan.

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