How is Constitutional Memorial Day 2019 Celebrated in Japan

A day to commemorate when Japan got its Constitution, the Constitution Memorial Day Japan is celebrated in Japan every year on May 3rd every year. The Constitutional day 2019 will be celebrated on Friday, 3rd May. It is a public holiday and most of the schools and offices remain closed. The Constitutional Day was celebrated in Japan after its Constitution […]

When is Showa Day Celebrated in Japan 2019?

Hello again, friends! If we talk about holidays in Japan that are celebrated to honour the emperors of Japan, then Showa day comes up as one of the most important holidays celebrated in Japan. The Showa Day will be celebrated on Monday, April 29 in 2019. It is annually celebrated on April 29 every year. This holiday marks […]

How is Vernal Equinox Day Celebrated in Japan?

With the oncoming of spring, Japan celebrates Vernal Equinox Day, usually on March 20 or 21st. It marks the beginning of spring season in Japan that occurs at the time of Northward Equinox in Japan. Generally, it occurs on 20th or 21st March in the Northern Hemisphere and during September in the Southern Hemisphere. Since it is […]

How is National Foundation Day Celebrated in Japan?

We have been sharing about the important public holidays in Japan. So today we shall talk about How is National Foundation Day Celebrated in Japan? The National Foundation Day will be celebrated on 11th February in 2019. This holiday has a deep mythological connect as it celebrates the ascent of the First Emperor of Japan, Emperor Jimmu at Kashihara gū on […]

When Is Japanese New Year Celebrated?

Hello friends! As the New Year 2019 is approaching, we shall talk about When Is Japanese New Year Celebrated? During this time of the year, Japan is soaked in the festive mood and the Japanese New Year Decorations in the streets and markets and decorated are a sight to behold. The Japanese New Year is celebrated […]

How is Coming of the Age Day Celebrated in Japan 2019

Hello friends! Japan has a long cultural history and its festivals imbibe its rich cultural and social values. And as the new year is approaching, the first major holiday which is coming is Coming of the Age Day. This festival is celebrated on the second Monday of new year every year. It will be celebrated on […]

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