56 Companies Protest Against Trump’s Transgender Policies

Some of the big giants of US have come together to take an action against the Trump’s administration’s reported plans to limit the legal definition of gender, thus removing any mention of transgender or LGBTQI. Top companies such as Google, Coca Cola, Amazon, Pepsi, JP Morgan Chase, etc. have signed a letter together opposing the […]

White House shows concern about Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, fear he might have violated Federal Rules

  Two senior administration officials have stated that White House is considering the allegations of misconduct against its Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. Trump has specially asked his aides to provide more information about the Montana land deal the case of which is pending in the Justice Department. According to official sources, Trump told his aides […]

Trump Tries To Rake Support By Using Racial Division

  In an attempt to strengthen his anti-immigration policy which he made and to gain the support of the white electorate ahead of the mid-term polls. Trump, a Republican, seems to make this his major agenda for the upcoming elections. On Thursday, Trump rallied with discussing in length about the slow-moving caravans of the Central […]

Further Woes For Immigrants As Trump Announces To Send 15,0000 Troops

President Donald Trump on Wednesday announced that he is ready to send 15,0000 troops on the US-Mexico border to remove the caravans of the Central American migrants that have been making their way northward, amplifying the message of his anti-immigration policy. “We’ll go up to anywhere between 10 and 15,000 military personnel on top of Border […]

Trump Visit Sparks Protests As Pittsburgh Victims Funeral Held

Anger, anguish, grief, pain, spirituality, these are some of the emotions Pittsburgh is going through right now as it prepares for the funeral of three of the eleven victims that died in the horrific anti-Semitic shootouts that took place at the Tree of Life synagogue on Saturday. The day started by observing Sabbath and in the […]