Democrats Optimistic of Securing At least a Dozen Seats for the Governor, as the Election Day Nears

The attention right now may be towards winning control over the Congress, but the Democrats are also eyeing on the 36 Governor seats that are to be filled across the country. With the Republicans headed by Trump picking up racially divisive and sensitive issues like immigrants and failing to douse public’s anger at many state visits,  the Democrats are optimistic that they will win at least a dozen seats for the Governor, in the elections that could be the most important one for the coming decade.

The November Mid-Term election has 36 seats to fill, including 23 seats that are currently in the hands of the Republicans. Already owning the majority of governor seats, the Democrats are eyeing to win the seats in the states that they aren’t currently in control of.

The Democrats argue that since most governors have veto power in the situation of redistricting of mapsmadeby state lawmakers, it is their only chance to at checking upon Republican-dominated legislatures and curbing the opportunity for GOP to change maps to their advantage.


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