56 Companies Protest Against Trump’s Transgender Policies

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Some of the big giants of US have come together to take an action against the Trump’s administration’s reported plans to limit the legal definition of gender, thus removing any mention of transgender or LGBTQI.

Top companies such as Google, Coca Cola, Amazon, Pepsi, JP Morgan Chase, etc. have signed a letter together opposing the move stating that such policy would harm their workers and be violative of their fundamental rights. In the letter, they stated that they “stand with the millions of people in America who identify as transgender, gender non-binary, or intersex, and call for all such people to be treated with the respect and dignity everyone deserves.”

Last month the Trump administration had taken everyone by surprise when it considered last month to narrow down gender according to the genetalia at the time of birth and something which cannot be changed later on. This had led to a huge outcry among human rights activist, gay rights activists and several supporters of the LGBTQI community.

Now the top companies have come down heavily against Trump’s decision and have whole-heartedly stated in their letter about their love for the LGBTQI community and stated that “in the past dozens of federal courts have affirmed the rights and identities of transgender people.”

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