Trump Visit Sparks Protests As Pittsburgh Victims Funeral Held

Anger, anguish, grief, pain, spirituality, these are some of the emotions Pittsburgh is going through right now as it prepares for the funeral of three of the eleven victims that died in the horrific anti-Semitic shootouts that took place at the Tree of Life synagogue on Saturday. The day started by observing Sabbath and in the evening they again came together to honour the dead and took over to Squirrel Hill neighbourhood to protest where the attack took place on Saturday.

Trump visited the synagogue with his family to express his condolences to the victims but was encountered with demonstrators highly condemning his visit.

The President received a rather mixed welcome, with many condemning his visit and many welcoming it. His visit started in the morning on Wednesday as he went about the city and also went to the Tree of Life synagogue. He paid his tribute by lighting candles near the vestibule where the shooting took place and placed stones from the White House at the memorial for the victims of the massacre.

As the community at Squirrel Hill, a Jewish neighbourhood protested the visit by holding placards that read “Words Matter”, “Strength Through Unity”, they gathered courage and inspiration to bury the rest of the 11 victims who died in this tragedy.

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